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Smallbore rifle shooting is a thrilling and challenging sport that requires precision, focus, and discipline. Athletes must use a .22 caliber rifle to hit a small target from a distance of 50 feet, with each shot requiring careful calculation and steady aim.

For those who are drawn to the sport, smallbore rifle shooting offers a unique and rewarding experience. It's a chance to push oneself to the limits, to hone one's skills, and to achieve new levels of excellence. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced shooter, there's always room for improvement and growth in smallbore rifle shooting.

But the sport is not just about technical skill and physical prowess. It also requires mental fortitude and emotional control, as shooters must remain calm and focused under pressure. It's a test of character as much as it is a test of skill, and those who succeed in smallbore rifle shooting are truly exceptional individuals.

So if you're looking for a sport that will challenge you in new and exciting ways, look no further than smallbore rifle shooting. With its combination of physical and mental demands, it's a sport that will push you to be your best and leave you feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

Below are the following events which are held annually:

  • Gallery Match
  • Nutmeg Games
  • State Championships
  • NRA Sectionals
  • President's Match
  • Swanson Match

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