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Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association

Pistol Division

Pistol is one of the most popular divisions within the shooting sport. While we have many who participate in indoor leagues and compete in both our Indoor and Outdoor State Championship respectfully, to say the competition is fierce would be an understatement. This year we would like to welcome our CT Pistol Team at our annual banquet.

To represent CT you must be the top 6 shooters in one of the three disciplines (22, CF, 45) based on your score in the national match, be a member of the State Association, and have attended a State 2700 match.

The Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association- Pistol Division is pleased to announce its Indoor Pistol Match Schedule. The Indoor State Championship will be held at the in February (See Calendar).   For questions contact us at

Upcoming Pistol Events

  • No upcoming events


CT State Indoor Pistol Championship (Feb 10 & 11, 2024)

1. Course of Fire: 25 Yards (B16, B8 Targets)

Match #1 20 Shots Slow Fire

Match #2 NRA Short Course (30 shots)

Match #3 20 Shots Timed Fire

Match #4 20 Shots Rapid Fire

Match #5 Aggregate

Match #6 Team Match (30 shot NRA Short Course)

2. Entry Limit: 10 Shooters per Relay

3. Entries open on 9:00am January 2, 2024

To sign up go to:

NRA National Pistol Sectional (March 9 & 10, 2024)

Course of Fire: 50 feet (B2, B3 Targets)

Match #1 20 Shots Slow Fire

Match #2 20 Shots Timed Fire

Match #3 20 Shots Rapid Fire

Match #4 NRA Short Course (30 shots)

Match #5 Aggregate

Match #6 Team Match (30 shot NRA Short Course)

3. Entry Limit: 12 Shooters per Relay

4. Entries open 9:00am January 2, 2024

To sign up go to:


Program: 2024 Outdoor Program.pdf * Coming soon *

Al D. Waters Sr. Memorial
Southern New England Regional
Pistol Championship
May 2024

International - Air

Program: 2024 Air Pistol Program.pdf * Coming soon *

MSI Air Pistol League

Air Pistol State Championship 

November 2024

International Pistol consists of shooting disciplines, rules and events of ISSF which are included in the Olympic Games and World Cups. Such examples include Air Pistol, Rapid Fire, International Centerfire and Free Pistol. 


There are many pistol and rifle leagues in the state of Connecticut. Many clubs will sponsor a team to compete in a closest local league. Many of these leagues have been around for decades, some almost reaching 100 years.  If you are looking to join a team and compete in your local pistol or rifle league, please reach out to our pistol director. 

  • Southwestern Connecticut Pistol League
  • Metropolitan Revolver League of Hartford
  • The New London County Pistol League
  • BRC Wednesday Night Pistol League
TGC Indoor Winter Leauge
Date Relay 1 Relay 2
Jan 15th 13:30 15:00
Feb 19th 13:30 15:00
March 19th 13:30 15:00
April 16th 13:30 15:00
NWCSA Outdoor Spring & Summer League
June 24th 09:00 10:30
July 29th 09:00 10:30
August 26th 09:00 10:30
September 30th 09:00 10:30


Formation of Teams' Classification

If the team members have different classifications, here is how their classification in determined:

  • High Master        6
  • Master                 5
  • Expert                  4
  • Sharpshooter      3
  • Marksman           2
Add all classifications up and divide by 4


You have two master shooters, one expert shooter and one marksman shooter.

10+4+2=16/4=4 you’ll be an expert team.

If your total comes up to let’s say 3.5, you round up to the next higher class.

Reference: 19.12 Team Classification, page 48 of NRA Precision Pistol Rules 

Individual Class Averages

Competitors will be classified as follows and NRA Classification Cards issued accordingly:

  • High Master    97.00 and above
  • Master                 95.00 to 96.99
  • Expert                  90.00 to 94.99
  • Sharpshooter      85.00 to 89.99
  • Marksman           Below 85.00

Establishing Classification - A competitor will be officially classified by the NRA when the total score for a minimum of 360 shots has been reported for either indoor or outdoor. However, classification averages will be computed only after the total score for a tournament or league has been posted and, therefore, the average may be based on a greater number of shots, but will not be based upon a lesser number. Total scores so reported to the NRA will be posted to the Classification Record for the competitor concerned. When the scores for the stated minimum of 360 shots (or more if this minimum is reached during the scores of any tournament or league) have been so posted, the average score per I O-shot string will be computed.

Reference: 19.15 Individual Classification, page 49 of NRA Precision Pistol Rules 

Results and Records

Review previous scores of CSRRA competitions

CSRRA Match Results

Review previous scores of NRA competitions and lookup your classification. 

NRA Competitions - Online Portal

Camp Perry Results

**coming soon**

2023 Camp Perry Team results.pdf

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